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Heart2Heart Anthology - Red Hot Review

Heart2Heart, A Charity Anthology

Heart2Heart, A Charity Anthology by Leslie Copeland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a fun and entertaining Valentine's read!

So I got the chance to read this book early in order to review the contribution of one of my fav authors, Hailey Turner, but I have to say this - I loved the whole frickin' thing! The premise of the anthology is cute and quirky - a dating app that is debuting for Valentine's Day has some glitches due to a romantic situation that starts the anthology between the app programmer and a window washer. Distracted by the hunky window washer, our cute computer geek might have not been as thorough in his beta testing as he should have been ::wink wink:: and now the app's algorithm is setting up matches that may not be the perfect 'Mr. Right' for the paired person... or is Cupid just working his usual romantic mischief and using this mistake to make the best matches of all?

So let me start with Hailey's story in the Anthology - The Superhero and the NSA Agent. OMG, I have epic geek gurl love for this story! It's Hailey's first foray into contemporary lgbtq2s romance and she description!

The story starts out in a seedy dock area of the Port of Lose Angeles where NSA Agent Shane Parson and his partner Laura Tavers are playing eyes and ears for a joint operation cartel bust that he provided the research and intel on. As they wait for the bust to go down we learn that Shane is a consumate workaholic and hasn't been on a date in FOREVER but his hilarious, ball-busting partner Laura has signed him up for the Heart2Heart dating app without his knowledge and arranged for him to have a date that night - Valentine's day night. Laura, Shane's FBI friend who is leading the bust, and a number of other co-workers are all too happy to heckle Shane and place bets on whether or not he'll make the date while they wait for the bust to go down.

Eventually it does but as can happen, the bust goes FUBAR and Shane ends up in the ER. Where he meets his date, Damian... or should I say "Superman". Damian is a mild mannered law librarian by day and a cosplay superhero volunteer by night. Sparks fly as Shane and 'Supes' meet. The 'good meds' might have helped lower a few inhibitions along the way. The end result of the 'app-tastrophy' is Shane and Damian finding out that despite having nothing in common on paper, they really are the perfect match... thanks to Heart2Heart!

And that is just ONE of the stories in this anthology, y'all! The whole thing is chock-a-block full of hilarious situations and bizarrely perfect pairings that make your heart melt like the most decadent valentine's day chocolate!

Here are some other stories that really had my heart strings tugging and me going 'awwwwwh' as I read them:

- The Tattoo Artist and the Writer by Lily Morton was just so effing sweet - and hot!

- The Magician and the Mortician by A.E. Wasp was another scorcher that had me going awwwwh.

- The Uber Driver and the Phone Sex Operator by Lucy Lennox had me in stitches (and being grateful that we're having a cold snap coz daaaayam son, HOT!)


- The Baker and the Seal by May Archer - shout out Rochester, NY!!! and omg, those two are on FIYAH!

Actually... I could probably list all the stories here because they were all just the perfect romantic and sexy read.

Seriously - read this anthology. You'll thank me!

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