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Book Review: Counterblow by Isobel Starling (Shatterproof Bond #4)

Counterblow (Shatterproof Bond #4)Counterblow by Isobel Starling
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Book 4 of the Shatterproof Bond series picks up soon after the events of book 3 have left Sam and Declan in reversed roles with Sam the broken one and Declan the stronger partner.

After being set up by his father as bait, Sam is broken in body and spirit. He suffers from nightmares, his body is slow to heal, and his father - Sir James - is keeping him out of the loop, probably on purpose. As for Declan, he loves his fiance but the man is hovering - and getting stronger and sexier by the day, and also keeping things from him.

But the man who tried to end Sam's life is still in captivity in ALL Headquarters under Sam's childhood home, still a poisonous viper in the heart of London, and Sam is slowly losing himself to the fears that continue to eat at him. Not even marrying Declan, the love of his life, settles Sam's fears for long.

As for Declan, he's not as happy and content to play 'house husband' as he lets on. He'd warned James Aiken there would be consequences for using and betraying his son, Sam, and the time for payback was rapidly approaching. Throwing himself into learning Krav Maga so that he can teach the bastart a thing or two and help both Sam and himself take back control of their lives, Declan soon finds himself played despite having the upper hand physically.

I admit I found Sam a little whiny and, well, histrionic in this book. Oh I get he was tortured, left to die in front of the love of his life so on and so forth, but the last three books set him up as this wunderkind James Bond-Eggsy from Kingsmen hybrid and now, all of a sudden, he is the damsel in distress. It was jarring, and a little off-putting.

But, like Declan in the last book, he rebounds and is once more the wunderkind we've come to know in the last three books, taking charge of his life, and taking his fate in his hands. He faces down the bogeyman of his nightmares, the man who had tortured him and left him for dead, and he comes out stronger.

But Sir James is still up to his old tricks, and he's still spreading poison and discord like some cancerous rot. And Sam and Declan have an upcoming deep cover mission that could make or break them.

I definitely enjoyed this book and will be reading the 5th one when it comes out, but after reading all 4 back to back, I'm in need of a little light-hearted fluff, because these books are ANGST-Y. Good, but sooo angsty.

**A copy of this book was provided for an honest and unbiased review by Lescourt Author Services**

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Book Review: Return to Zero, Shatterproof Bond Book 3, by Isobel Starling

Return to Zero (Shatterproof Bond, #3)Return to Zero by Isobel Starling
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Book 3 of the Shatterproof Bond Series takes place almost immediately after Book 2, Illuminate the Shadows. 

This book was a little more challenging for me in a number of ways. The plot was fantastic and the continuity was really good but my issues had to do with one of the main characters, Declan, at least in the first half of the book.

In the first two books he'd been sort of large and in charge, not only that he'd stated numerous times that he didn't like how Sam's dad, his boss, treated Sam. He, in fact, called Sir James Aiken a manipulative bastart a number of times in the first two books and had, in fact, been tortured and interrogated by Sir James as his 'entrance exam' into the secret spy world that Sam lived in.

But in this book, Declan is quick to fall for James' manipulations of pitting him against Sam. It played well into the continuing plot of the book but I found it a little harder to swallow given Declan's own statements in past books. But Declan does eventually dig his head out of his arse midpoint through and that vastly improved the book. I just had to get past him acting like a wee stroppy child throwing a tempter tantrum first.

The tension and the action that the writer brings to the book is quite good. The threat from book 2 comes to fruition in this book and soon Sam and Declan are fighting for their lives in the Scottish Highlands against a ghost from Sam's past - someone with a serious grudge against Sir James and who is willing to make Sam suffer for his father's sins. The two men have to learn to work as a team in order to survive, and they have to be able to trust each other completely.

As I said, the first half was a bit of a challenge but I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd half!

**A copy of this book was provided for an honest and unbiased review by Lescourt Author Services**

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Book Review: Illuminate the Shadows by Isobel Starling (Shatterproof Bond #2)

Illuminate the Shadows (Shatterproof Bond, #2)Illuminate the Shadows by Isobel Starling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The continuation of the story of Sam and Declan from As You Wish, Shatterproof Bond, #1)

Declan Ramsay's life was turned upside down at his brother's wedding in Scotland by none other than his new sister-in-law's younger brother, Sam Aiken. Sam took a grumpy sad bachelor who'd all but given up on love and showed Declan that love was not only possible but that he was, in fact, bi-sexual. Declan fell hard and fast for Sam and the feeling was mutual.

The thorn in their romance, though? Sam's father - Sir James Aiken (the BASTART!), head of a shadowy private covert ops organization that worked closely with MI6, who is also a raging homophobe and treats his son like a weapon, not a child. Before the Sam and Declan had a chance to fully explore their relationship Sam was ordered out of country for 3 months, not that Declan knew the reason why at the time.

When the three months were over Sam delivered an ultimatum to his father - he gets Declan or he walks. His father, surprisingly, caved, and allowed Declan to be 'read in' on the family business. Sam surprises Declan and they manage to have a weekend together, reuniting, before Declan is abducted and interrogated, tortured and pumped full of drugs by none other than Sir James (the Bastart!) his boss and Sam's father - all in the name of making sure Declan can take being an agent, and is worthy of being part of the organization.

Declan manages to surprise James and is reunited with Sam for the second time, but all is not smooth sailing for the couple. Declan's brother reacts poorly to his involvement with Sam despite Sam being his wife's brother, someone breaks into Declan and Sam's home and strange things start to happen. Declan feels inept and unready for his life with Sam but Sam is afraid of Declan losing his innocence to the shady world of espionage Sam has lived in his entire life. The two men have just found each other but the world seems primed to tear them apart.

This book is a good set up for the rest of the series as it brings Declan into the fold and establishes the dynamic between James and Sam, and James and Declan. I look forward to reading book 3!

**A copy of this book was provided for an honest and unbiased review by Lescourt Author Services**

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Book Review: As You Wish (Shatterproof Bonds #1) by Isobel Starling

As You Wish (Shatterproof Bond #1)As You Wish by Isobel Starling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is like the spy story I never knew I needed!

Declan Ramsay's brother is getting married to Sam Aiken's sister in a fairy-tale do up in a real Scottish Castle and both brothers are co-best men. Declan is a straight grumpy Scot who also happens to work for Sam and Annabelle's dad - Sir James Aiken (more about that Bastart in the next book review). Declan is anal-retentive and Sam seems to be a free spirit - an incredible intelligent student of languages. They should be the polar opposite of each other but...

After a year of communicating by email, a less than salubrious in person meeting, and a mutual love of a movie about a certain Dread Pirate and his Princess, well the sparks fly between them hot and fast. Before their siblings have a chance to say 'I Do' Sam is showing Declan that he is neither straight nor narrow.

But Sam isn't what he seems to be, and neither is his father (the Bastart!). Can Declan live with the secrets that Sam keeps, can their romance be more than just a wedding romance?

The book was fast paced, slick, thoughtful and romantic. I loved the world building and the attention to detail. If I had one thing to say about the book... just like in the Princess Bride, sometimes there are a few too many 'inconceivables' spoken. :D

Read and find out!

**A copy of this book was provided for an honest and unbiased review by Lescourt Author Services**

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Book Review: Make Me Give In by Angel Knots

Make Me Give In (Omega Celibacy Club Book 1)Make Me Give In by Angel Knots
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

First time reading alpha/omega mpreg by this author and I enjoyed the book.

Normally Mpreg isn't my thing but I figured I'd step outside of my comfort zone and give it a try. I'm glad I did. This was a sweet story and an interesting plot.

In a world where humans are either alphas or omegas, Simon is an omega intent on being more than just an alpha's spouse and parent to a brood of kids. He wants a career, he wants to finish his education, and he's not gonna let some hot alpha intent on breeding him get in the way. So he and his roommates form the Omega Celibacy Club - the OCC. No sex before graduation, no giving in to a hunky Alpha and throwing their dreams away before they have a chance to live them.

Enter Alpha Hunter. He'd once dated Simon's older sister but had to break it off because the minute he'd laid eyes on a much younger Simon he'd know that Simon was _his_ Omega. But he's done waiting and at his ex's wedding Hunter is determined to make Simon realize they were meant to be together and that he wants Simon to have his dreams as well, because he wants Simon to be happy with his life and with Hunter as his Alpha.

Throw in an unexpected heat, a bunch of well-meaning friends and family, and that pesky thing called biology and Hunter and Simon have a bit of a rocky road to happily ever after. But they do get there in the end.

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Book Review - Enchanter's Soul by Michele Notaro

The Enchanter's Soul (The Ellwood Chronicles #2)The Enchanter's Soul by Michele Notaro
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 2 of The Ellwood Chronicles takes place immediately after book 1 and the continuation is seamless while the writing and world building just gets better.

Many fall as the last enchanter rises…

Sebastian Fitz is the last Enchanter and the vitmea viramore of Ailin Ellwood, Sage, the most powerful witch in the world. And he is terrified of his power, confused by his relationship with Ailin and now there's a damned prophecy about him that pretty much signals either world peace or the end of the world. No pressure.

Sebastian is struggling with his magic and with his man. He's been human his entire life until he wasn't. He's been alone his entire life and now he has a life partner _and_ his entire coven/family. Plus all sorts of wriggly crawly things keep coming for him and - ewww!

Oh, and he's being hunted because there are creatures - dark creatures - who want nothing more than to feast on an enchanter's flesh, blood and _soul_. Is Ailin's magic enough to keep his mate safe? And what about the prophecy?

This book is action packed, angsty, and brilliantly written. I could not put it down. In fact I finished it in one day. Now I need to wait for more.

**A copy of this book was provided for an honest and unbiased review by Lescourt Author Services**

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Book Review - The Enchanter's Flame by Michele Notaro

The Enchanter's Flame (The Ellwood Chronicles #1)The Enchanter's Flame by Michele Notaro
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

This my first time reading this author and man was I impressed! Michele Notaro has built an amazing, magical, believable world. Her words suck you in, her characters make you want to know more, the story itself was truly captivating. I really really enjoyed this book and I am thoroughly hooked on this series!

In the country of Brinnswick a detective stumbles across a series of murders that scream of the occult, and a past trauma he would rather forget. Detective Sebastian Fitz has a series of murdered girls, drained of blood, left with strange markings on their bodies. And he has no leads. So his police chief calls in a specialist.

Enter Ailin Ellwood, the specialist. At first glance he appears to be a bad boy goth wannabe who's really good at pissing people off. But he is, in fact, a witch; and a damned powerful one at that. He also happens to be the chief's brother-in-law. And annoyingly sexy, and surprisingly nice under all his snark.

Their investigation draws the men closer together until Ailin claims Sebastian as his, but it also reveals that there is something rotten in the heart of Brinnswick; a demon has been killing these women to open up a portal to hell and he may not have been doing it alone, because someone has kept Ailin from noticing.

In the final confrontation secrets are revealed, and a chain of events has been put into motion that have both Ailin and Sebastian at the heart of it all. This is just the opening gambit of a war they're being forced to fight.

PS I read book 2 right after I finished book one and now I can't freaking wait for 3!!!

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Book Review: Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case by AJ Sherwood

Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case (Jon's Mysteries Case, #1)Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case by A.J. Sherwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

AJ Sherwood is a new-to-me author who just blew my mind with this book. I absolutely loved everything about this book, from the plot to the characters to the world building she does.

In a world where psychics exist and work hand in hand with law enforcement on a regular basis, Jonothan (Jon) Ban is a licensed pyschic who routinely works with the police to help solve crimes and act as a human lie detector thanks to his incredibly unique psychic ability. Oh and he also routinely fries all modern electronics, but that's a whole different problem.

Psychic abilities are like fingerprints in this world, each one is unique but even among the unique Jon is in a class of his own. He is also a psychic without an anchor, without someone to ground him and help him control his abilities. As such, he's prone to some pretty nasty migraines right up to being forced into a blanket fort for a few days because he just can't stand to be near people after a particularly deep dive. Thanks to his ability to read people's 'chakra lines' the criminals hate Jon, and they've expressed that hate in various ways including attacking him and right up to shooting at him. He's been lucky up til now.

Enter Donovan Havili. The man looks big - really big - and scary. He sets everyone in Jon's Psychic Investigations Agency on edge, including Jon's boss. So of course, the minute Jon gets into the office everyone wants him to peek into the boss's office and get a read on the potential new guy. Most are hoping he won't be the new guy but when Jon does... What he sees has him floor. The man is a supernova of kindness, protective instincts and competence. So of course he tells his boss this - and his boss makes the new guy Jon's partner. Poor new guy. Except Donovan fits. Like really _fits_ with both Jon and the agency. And he's fiercely protective of Jon and already half acting like the psychic's anchor.

Throw in a bizarre case of one university student shooting another, a young woman who was found dead in a park, and a serial killer and Donovan's first week is anything but easy. Add to it that he's crushing on someone and Jon is crushing on him and then there's the whole Jon needing an anchor thing...

This book was enthralling from the moment I picked it up. The characters were realistic and wonderful. The author interspersed humor, action, adventure, police drama and romance in a beautifully seamless way. I will definitely be one-clicking the rest of this series and I've just bought her fantasy book "Fourth Point of Contact" because, dayam, I like her style.

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Book Review: Winter Twilight by Richard Amos

Winter Twilight (Coldharbour Chronicles #5)Winter Twilight by Richard Amos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the final installment of the Coldharbour Chronicles series and boy does it deliver! Richard Amos has created the most amazing world where magic and reality have merged, where the supernatural walks among us and trapped in a magic bubble is a city that is ground zero for an invasion from another reality - the reality of the Beast - bent on claiming our world as theirs.

In this final installment Jake Winter and his guardians finally face down the Head Beast herself, Lilisian, who has inhabited the body of the former lover of Jake's guardian - and lover - Dean, the half fae. Pregnant, Lilisian used the blood connection between the child and Dean to enslave him to her will in the last book. And in a bizarre twist of fate the White Eyed Guy who started Jake down the path to become the Weapon of the Goddess, turns out to be Jake's ancestor, _THE_ Hercules of old who clashed with the Titans, and he saved Jake in the last book by almost killing him. But he's definitely Team Jake now, even if he has a grudge against the Goddess.

So Jake has to defeat Lilisian, drive the Beast back to their own dimension, save his lover _and_ his lover's child and not die in the process... all in a day's work for the Weapon, right?

This book was a thrill ride and an amazing end to the series. There is a HEA, which made me happy, but not everyone got out alive, as is expected in a book series about the attempted take over of the world by a terrifying reality of monsters.

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Book Review: The Secret by May Archer

The Secret (Love in O'Leary #3)The Secret by May Archer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really sweet and hot read, one I thoroughly enjoyed. May Archer has built a completely contained and believable world within the real world here in O'Leary. Her writing style is crisp and clean and she is pretty darned good at the one liners, puns and zingers lemme tell you. The plot was a little formulaic but May embraced the tropes and made them really fun to read.

I admit to being enthralled by main character Constantine Ross. He's someone I can relate to in that he hides behind humor and cheekiness when faced with adversity - and he's had a lot in his life. His attitude is his armor and he wears it proudly. Underneath it all is a tender heart that's been bruised so often he no longer recognizes his own self worth. Sure he's the pretty boy and the good lay but he's so much more and he's forgotten how to be anything but what the people around him perceive him to be.

Enter Micah Bloom - sort of rival business owner to Con's family business. Micah is straight laced, by the book and in complete control of everything. He got over a decade on Constantine and has a plan, an ambitious plan that puts him in direct competition with Ross Landscaping and Florals. He sees Con as a cocky little troublemaker who breezes through life and doesn't have a serious bone in his body... until he overhears a conversation that slaps him upside the head and makes him realize there's so much more to Constantine than a pretty face. And he _recognizes_ the pain he hears in Con, the disappointment, far too well. Except he'd become Mr. Buttoned up tight and responsible instead of cocky and self-deprecating. They were far too similar for Micah's peace of mind. and Constantine was far too fascinating for Micah's libido.

Sparks fly as the two men try and find a happy medium between their Romeo and Romeo blooming romance and their family business drama. There's misunderstandings and secrets aplenty that end up blowing up in their faces but they find their happy ever after in the end.

Like I said, a bit formulaic but oh my goodness, such a fun read. This story made me smile. It made me sigh. It gave me fluffy bunny feelings along with some smoking hot loving. Plus there's that whole May/December thing that I do love.

Definitely a great read.

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Book Review: How Not to Break by Susan Hawke

How Not to Break (Lovestrong #3)How Not to Break by Susan Hawke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 2nd Lovestrong book I've read by Susan Hawke and I really enjoyed this one as much as the first I read.

I first met one of the MC's in the first Lovestrong book and I wondered about the mysterious bar owner, Nick St. Cloud, and why he was so sad. In this book I got to learn why, and wow, what a great story.

I should start by saying this is a May-November romance, (yes I said NOVEMBER). Nick St. Cloud is a 40 something (edging 50) out of the closet gay man who is living his life as he wants. A former Navy Seal, he now owns the local gay club and counts a large number of drag queens among his friends. Nick has never been involved with anyone, and many of his queens worry about him, as does his sister-in-law, Dana and his niece Becca. He's single and sad and nobody likes that. But Nick has a secret. Ten years ago he let his best friends eighteen-year-old son, Shaw, seduce him. On the night his best friends died.

Shaw's parents had taken him in when his own family had turned their backs on Nick for being gay, including his ahole brother, Dana's ahole ex-husband. Charlie and his wife had taken Nick in, gave him a family to call his own, and how did he reward their love and trust? by seducing their pride and joy, their son Shaw.

Trouble is, Shaw was the one who had done the seducing. And he didn't regret it. He'd wanted Nick forever, and he'd taken the chance. Yes it had ended in tragedy, and then he'd had to deal with Nick as the executor of his parents estate, but it didn't stop Shaw from wanting or dreaming of the gorgeous ex-SEAL. Nick had made it abundantly clear, however, that Shaw - and that night - had been a mistake. So Shaw had tried to move on. But he had a type. Older, more mature, and if he dreamed nightly about a certain hard-bodied SEAL? Maybe called out the man's name while with someone else? That didn't mean anything, right? Just because Nick St. Cloud had been Shaw's first didn't mean he was his last.

But then Shaw found himself being stalked and the police couldn't seem to stop it. His home was invaded, his _bedroom_ was invaded while he slept, gruesome warning were left and creepy gifts delivered. He wasn't safe in his own home, he wasn't safe anywhere...

Except with Nick. St. Nick riding to the rescue again. But this time Nick had his head out of his butt and his priorities on straight. This time he was letting go of the guilt and not making the same mistake he'd made a decade ago. This time Nick was going to protect and _keep_ Shaw Michaelson. This time Nick was going to tell Shaw he loved him.

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Book Review: A King to be Claimed by Brea Alepou

A King to be Claimed (Our king, our master, #1)A King to be Claimed by Brea Alepoú
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This was an interesting premise for a book and one I'm looking forward to reading more of. In a world with gods and goddesses, the edoli are a race that have lived along side humans for thousands of years, not unseen - but unrecognized. There are different classes of edoli. Those with the power to bind others to them and amplify their power and the power of those bound to them are called kings or queens. The ones they bind are called keepers, and they have the ability to shapeshift, control the elements and are great warriors that are bound to their master/mistress through blood and the call, sworn to protect them to the death. Hunters are lesser edoli, bound to the Alpha keeper through blood, and are the hunters of the house - or clan - be it prey for food, or other edoli.

This is important to know, as the author doesn't really explain all this until almost half way through the story. There is an appendix of these terms, that might have been better served as a forward as I was a little lost while reading the first few chapters given that the author jumped straight into the story. That being said, the story was good, if a little too wham-bam-thank you Sam.

Titos, the main character, is a half-edoli weakling who has been shunned, ostracized and then condemned to death by his family and the queen of his house. He's never been able to bond with other edoli as blood makes him sick, and is considered not worth any value. In order to avoid being put to death for being weak he ran and has lived in the human world for years, avoiding the hunters sent to kill him. Until his luck runs out.

Cornered and certain death is imminent, Titos is saved by a powerful edoli, Seth, who tells Titos he heard his king's call and came to serve, that Titos is his king and a powerfully rare one at that. Titos, of course doesn't believe it at first but through a series of events, the acquisition of three more keepers, and an earth-shattering revelation about his past, Titos soon has not choice but to believe that he _is_ in fact a king, and one the edoli haven't due to the edoli council hunting them to supposed extinction.

Which means the threat to Titos is far from over. He's still being hunted by his former queen's keeper - his cousin - and sooner or later the council will come for him. It's a race against time for Titos and his keepers to build his power base, secure followers and prepare for the war that is surely to come.

The book has some issues with a relatively fast reversal of fortune, insta-love, and a few other tropes but for the most part I really enjoyed it and will be reading the next book in the series.

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Book Review: Melded Attraction by Alex Tyler

Melded Attraction: An M/M Urban Fantasy Romance (Whitacre Foundation Book 1)Melded Attraction: An M/M Urban Fantasy Romance by Alex Tyler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Morgan Whiteacre works for his family's foundation as a manuscript and photograph restoration expert. The Whiteacre Foundation is, on it's surface, an organization intent on preserving and, when necessary, repairing historical books, sculptures, art etc. On it's surface. But the Whiteacre Foundation, and the Whiteacre family, have a secret. They use magic, one of the few families in the world that can do so. And they're searching for an artifact that can bring magic back to the world. The trouble is, Morgan isn't sure if the world is ready for that. And there are others searching for the the artifact as well, and their intentions are less than honorable and a lot more lethal.

Jake Anderson is officially an Aussie ex-pat as well as an ex-cop. He's packed up his life in Oz to settle down in Washington D.C. with his fiance Ashley Roberts, who just happens to be best friends with Morgan and Ygraine Whiteacre. In fact, Ashley managed to snag him a job as the graphic designer for the Whiteacre Foundation. But an immediate and powerful attraction to Morgan has him questioning his commitment to Ashley while a bunch of hinky coincidences have his spidey cop senses tingling, and not in a good way. And then there's all the weird stuff that he thought he'd put behind him when he was let go from the force starting to happen again, especially when he's around Morgan.

Morgan, who just ended a 3 year relationship with a guy, has decided to go back to women when Jake enters his life. His _best friend's fiance_ for the love of all things, and strictly off limits. But the attraction is immediate and powerful. And then there's the fact that Jake is _magic_ and doesn't seem to know it.

But as the hunt for the artifact heats up, things become dangerous for Morgan. People are dead and Morgan is sure he's been 'seen'. That combined with Jake confronting him on the hinky happenings has Morgan revealing all, including the fact that Jake has magic.

This is a slow burn romance, that has a natural break-up of the engaged couple, and the natural progression of a more powerful attraction combined with the mystery of an Indiana Jones style quest for a magical holy grail. It took me a little to get used to the first person present writing style of the author, but once I did I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I'm looking forward to the sequels!

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Book Review: All Souls Near and Nigh, Soulbound #2, by Hailey Turner

All Souls Near & Nigh (Soulbound, #2)All Souls Near & Nigh by Hailey Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hailey Turner just gets better and better. I was so captivated by this book I pulled an all-nighter because I HAD to finish it!! Her blend of world building, plot, suspense, the twists she tosses on, and the strong, well-rounded and _flawed_ characters make for an engrossing read from start to finish.

In the second installment of this series, Special Agent Patrick Collins and his soulbounded lover, and pack alpha, Jonothon de Vere, are once again pulled in to a right mess of a situation thanks to Patrick's soul debt to the Gods. This time it involves the territories of the vampires and werecreatures in NYC and the treaties that have kept the peace, stopping the preternatural world from going to war in the city streets. Oh and Lucien is back... oh Lucien.

Patrick and, because of the fact that Jonothon has claimed him as lover and pack, Jonothon are thrust into the middle of the a developing turf war, the treaties coming unraveled as a vampire drug known as Shine is flooding the streets and the bodies of were creatures have been found with vampire bite marks and their bodies show signs of being enslaved with silver burns at throat and wrists.

Special Agent Patrick Collins has been reassigned by the Supernatural Operations Agency to New York City. Navigating his new relationship with Jonothon de Vere, the werewolf he’s now soulbound to, is nothing compared to dealing with territorial disputes between the vampires and werecreatures who call the five boroughs home. But the delicate treaties that have kept the preternatural world in check are fraying at the edges, and the fallout is spilling into the mundane world.

Through the course of their investigation, Jonothon comes head to head with the NYC God Pack once again, and the barely held together promise on Jonothon's part is put to the test as the most heinous kind of betrayals is revealed. And Patrick comes face to face with death, yet again, but this time he may not survive the confrontation.

We are introduced to a whole new pantheon of gods in this book, and the world Hailey is building becomes even more fascinating. This is, without a doubt, her best writing to date, not that any of it has been less than amazing. But the story, the action, the feelz this book evokes. I'm truly impressed with her writing ability and she is a writer I will always drop what I'm reading in order to devour anything new she puts out.

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Book Review - Suspects & Scales by Maz Maddox

Suspects & Scales (Stallion Ridge #3)Suspects & Scales by Maz Maddox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd Stallion Ridge story and the best one yet! Maz Maddox is getting better and better.

At the end of Book 2 Deputy Cody Moore discovered the dead body of his dear friend, the Iara calling himself Wade, and in the moment he did Cody _changed_. Changed into a monster, something that should not have been possible given that Cody was human, not one of the other races. His grief, his guilt pushed him to the point of change.

But Wade wasn't just any Iara, he was Salias, the youngest son of Matron Lelia, ostensibly the queen of the Iara. Wade had been a prince and had been murdered. Matron Lelia wanted vengeance for her son's murder and when she came to claim her son's body she brought with her the one person she trusted to mete out justice - her assassin, the Iara Widow Quellin.

Quellin was more than just an assassin and had powerful ties to both his matron and the dead Iara prince. Vengeance burned in his heart, but there was something about young deputy Moore, Salias's human friend, that made him burn in a different way.

Cody is determined to help Quellin find Wade's killer, but he was also determined to bring the killer to proper justice because it was the righteous thing to do. But there was something about the Iara Widow that made Cody tingle in places he'd never tingled before. As they worked together to catch Wade's killer their attraction burned hotter and they eventually gave in to it but...

Quellin was Matron Lelia's to command, his life was not his own, and as such he could never be Cody's. As the investigation nears it's conclusion Quellin is forced to make the hardest choice of his life. His promise to Matron Lelia, or the young more-than-human who'd captured his heart.

This book was amazing. Seriously. And I leave you with two words...

Supernatural. Shibari.

Daaayaaaaaamm ::Fans face::

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Book Review: A Dance Too Far by H.L. Day

A Dance Too FarA Dance Too Far by H.L. Day
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the third book by H.L. Day that I've read and it's the third one I've loved!

Max Farley is a, well, man-whore. An event in his past means he only has one night stands and doesn't trust his heart to anyone. A last minute plea for help by a friend has Max, a sound technician, filling in at the newest ballet production at the Royal Opera House in London, England. Not his usual cuppa, but it paid the bills and he got to watch all the male dancers in their obscenely tight dance outfits - win win as far as he was concerned. And then the principle dancer walked on stage. The haughty, ice prince, Valentin Bychkov, rising start of contemporary Russian ballet. Max is pole-axed.

Valentin seems to have it all, amazing talent, a beautiful body and face, wealth and an ascending star in the ballet scene. But appearances are deceiving. Valentin had sold himself to a dangerous devil in order to achieve his ability to dance, and that Russian devil keeps close tabs on him, plus a pair of Bratva thugs posing as bodyguards. But there is something about the sound tech that not even a quick but thoroughly satisfying encounter could content Valentin. Because Max saw past his mask and his make-up, saw past the ice prince to the man beneath.

Their mutual attraction begins to morph into something more, but with their growing feelings comes growing danger. Because Valentin's 'benefactor' shows up, and the devil wants his due. Will their relationship survive... will _Max_ survive daring to poach what belonged to a Bratva boss?

Read the book and find out. It's worth it!

For those that need to know these things, there is a HEA, but there are some things left dangling. I won't tell you what but if you read the author's afterword she acknowledges them and why she did it and hints at possible future closure.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader’s copy.

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