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Book Review - How to Shield an Assassin by AJ Sherwood

How to Shield an Assassin (Unholy Trifecta #1)How to Shield an Assassin by A.J. Sherwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So I first learned of A.J. Sherwood through her Jon's Mysteries series and kinda fell in love with her writing style. And then I read her Fourth Point of Contact and my mind was blown!
But this book... this book is a bit different from her others and yet oh so wonderful, It was a fun, delightfully amusing romp despite the main characters being an assassin, a mercenary, a thief and a hacker. Oh, and a seriously badass little girl who has them all wrapped around her finger!

Assassin Ari (Aristide) Benelli has lived his life in the shadows and alone. Sure he has a twin brother but that brother was as far from a career criminal as Ari could get so he stayed as far away from Luca as he could for his brother's sake. He had a few friends, a hacker and a thief, but he lived his life solo, doing the job he was good at. And yet a desperate and abused little girl named Remi had him doing the unthinkable - adopting her and settling down. Sort of.

With the help of Ivan and Kyou (the thief and the hacker) - Remi's adopted 'uncles' - Ari attempts to raise his very own little Black Widow in the making while continuing to work. Enter Carter Harrison - Mercenary with a soft spot for kids and a pretty honourable guy all around.

Carter has a job, one that needs a very specialized skill set - and the only one who has it is Ari. A stolen painting needs to be 'liberated' from a private collector with a penchant for illegal objets d'art and a Fort Knox like security system. Ari is the only one who's ever managed to get in and get out. But Ari comes with a crew, and Carter is blindsided by the attraction he feels for the assassin as well as being completely charmed by Remi and reluctantly impressed with Ivan and Kyou.

This book was lighthearted and _fun_. I enjoyed every gosh darned minute of it, from Ari's unconventional parenting, to Remi with her vulnerability and swagger, to the 'crazy uncles'. The romance between Ari and Harrison was sweet and nice but the story itself drew me in and kept me interested.

Can't wait til for book 2!

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Book Review - Stalked by Shadows by Lissa Kasey

Stalked by Shadows (A Simply Crafty Paranormal Mystery, #1)Stalked by Shadows by Lissa Kasey

A solid 3.5 out of 5 stars from me.

I've read a few different series by this author and some are hits while others are misses. This one was a hit.

This is the story of a broken veteran who needs someone to take care of and a guarded shopkeeper who needs someone to believe in him.

Alex Caine came back from serving his country a broken man, broken by what he saw and being told he was crazy for seeing it. While serving in Afghanistan something supernatural stalked him and his unit in the desert and, had it not been for him, everyone would have died that night. But he and two others walked away - not without Alex suffering from PTSD and being locked up in an institution. Alex's brother saved him from that and brought him home to New Orleans where he introduced Alex to Micah Richards, both to get Alex a job and to give Alex someone to care about.

Micah is also touched by the supernatural, however, and the combo of the two of them sets certain events in motion that embroils everyone they love in a struggle with the forces of darkness that exist in New Orleans, while having desert monsters coming home to roost.

This book was a great set up book and I enjoyed it. I can't wait to see what book 2 has to offer.

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Book Review - Brandon's Very Merry Haunted Christmas by AJ Sherwood

Brandon's Very Merry Haunted ChristmasBrandon's Very Merry Haunted Christmas by A.J. Sherwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Omg I love Don's little brother!!!

In a lovely addendum/addition to the Jon's Mysteries series we get to meet Brandon, Donovan Havali's little brother! Recently recruited by the FBI, Brandon is shadowing Jon and Donovan in order to learn how to be a good anchor. It's Christmas in the Bane/Havali household and leave it to Brandon to gift Jon with a haunted snow globe. This leads to, no surprises here, an adventure!

In order to get the ghost out of the snow globe, Brandon, Donovan and Jon return to the place Brandon bought the globe and while there the three men work with FBI Medium Mackenzie Lafayette. And the Havali family tradition of falling head over heels strikes again.

I love Jon and Don. I think I'm gonna love Brandon and Mack just as much. This was equally a happy holiday novella and a fun mystery romp and both made my heart happy.

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Book Review - Off Camera by Wendy Qualls

Off CameraOff Camera by Wendy Qualls
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book made my nerdy heart sing!

A contemporary feel good romance where a bonafide nerd falls for a Hollywood hunk and both discover that some things - like love are worth fighting for. I especially got a kick out of the nod the author has given to geek culture in general and Sci Fi conventions in particular - both are near and dear to my cosplaying geek heart! DragonCon rocks, Wendy!!!

The plot was fun to follow, the writing was solid and the heat between the two men was intense, while their falling for each other was a slow burn that made my heart melt. The secondary characters were charming and fun to read and I really really loved this whole concept from start to finish.

Well done, Ms. Qualls, well done.

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Book Review - A New Empire by Layla Reyne

A New Empire (Fog City, #3)A New Empire by Layla Reyne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Layla Reyne has ended this series with a BANG!

In the final chapter of Fog City what we think we know isn't always the truth! ATF agent Christopher Perri has thrown his lot in with the Madigans and has fallen head over heels for the king assassin himself - Hawes Madigan. But the wolves are circling the empire Hawes and his siblings are trying to build, and the discovery of the traitor within the family could either make or break their attempts to move their organization towards a better path. But there are traitors and double traitors and nothing is as it seems as Dante and Hawes fight to end the bloodshed, to wrest control of the Madigan empire back to the rightful king and maybe, just maybe, find a happily ever after for themselves.

Such an amazing ending to their story, with guest cameos from other of Layla's series and the promise of more stories in the universe, because you just can't leave it there!

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Book Review - Gay Romance Holiday Collection by Keira Andrews

Gay Romance Holiday CollectionGay Romance Holiday Collection by Keira Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So sexy, sweet, romantic, spicy and hot. Mmmm loved these novellas.

This was a lovely - and hot - holiday read. I enjoyed how it wasn't just Christmas stories, that there was a Hanukkah story as well. I'm also a sucker for any story that takes place in my country - Canada.

Eight Nights in December—

An orphaned college student spends Hanukkah with his roommate's family and falls hard for his roommate's younger brother, a hot geek with an amazing eye for photography.

In Case of Emergency—Former stepbrothers find Christmas romance under the tree.

Ahhh - Ottawa. I loved living there :D

This story is of Daniel Diaz, a type 'a' software company exec who tries to find love in the wrong place, but a former stepbrother's injury interferes - in the best possible way. Cole is just what Daniel needs to find love and happiness and a happily ever after.

Santa Daddy—

Mmmmm, who knew a mall Santa could be so sexy and hot - and dommy?

Enter Hunter Adams, a college grad who's trying hard to be an adult but failing because he's miserable in his chosen field - plus the unpaid internships sucked. Hunter ends up in his old job as an elf in Santa's village to make some money and proceeds to fall for the Scroogey Santa Daddy... and finds his happily ever after.

Where the Lovelight Gleams—

What happens when out actor Ryan Drake falls for his seemingly straight co star, Cary Holloway? Their characters are on the verge of becomming a couple on a hit sci-fi show and the two men are best friends in real life but, Ryan has a hidden torch for his Hollywood dynasty co-star. An on screen kiss sends both men reeling and makes Cary reevaluate if he's really straight or not.

Inviting Cary to spend Christmas with his family in Canada was a dangerous idea but sometimes you gotta take a massive risk to get the result you desperately want.

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Book Review - Killer Heart by Rhys Lawless

Killer Heart (Blade & Dust, #1)Killer Heart by Rhys Lawless
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting premise, but a little more time could have been spent on world building at the beginning of the book because there were times when I kind of went hunh at a number of major plot points.

The first person dual pov was a bit jumpy but not horrible. The plot itself is interesting and there is definite potential in this series.

In a world where there are witches and witch hunters there is a war raging between the two groups. A war that has shifted somehow and now the witch hunters are killing more and more witches. One in particular, Wade Rawthorne, has been instrumental in dozens of witch deaths because witches were evil and the witch hunters were following the holy edict of the angels (this is something that confused me, I have to admit - angels and angel blood were never really explained beyond their existing in this universe).

On the other side of the war are the witches. They're hated by the hunters and trying to survive. But there's a traitor among their ranks, someone giving away witch secrets to the witch hunters. Enter Caleb - a rather unique witch - he's sent to figure out what has changed in the war.

Wade and Caleb are reluctant allies in the war, trying to figure out who the traitor is before it's too late. These enemies turn to lovers with some urban fantasy thrown in.

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Book Review: The Dragon CEO's Assistant by Jenn Burke

The Dragon CEO's Assistant (Golden Kingdom, #2)The Dragon CEO's Assistant by Jenn Burke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Le sigh. Le purrrrrrrr.

Dragons and other mythical creatures living in the same world as humans, romance, a little tension and a mystery to solve. What's not to like about this book? Oh and it's set in CANADA! In Ottawa!!! Another place I have lived in and know. This made my maple leafy heart so so happy.

The plot has some tried and true tropes, but that doesn't mean it wasn't exceptionally written and oh so much fun to read.

Boy has amnesia, big bad dragon boss is secretly a marshmallow and his gooey center belongs to amnesia boy. There is denial of want, there is past trauma to overcome, there is mayhem and mystery, well meaning siblings and a not so clean cop running amuck (amuck! amuck! amuck!). Yup, lots of tropes and I reveled in each and every one of them coz, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Jenn Burke paints very well with words and, because I've been there, I can say her description of the Ottawa valley etc are spot on and gorgeous. And her boys are sexy, her story is fun to read. All in all, another solid book by this faboo author. Now I'm off to hunt up the other book in this series, which I missed out on for some scandalous reason!

**Book was received from Lescourt Author Services for an honest and unbiased review**

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Book Review: Second Song, Sugarhouse Blues #1 by Edie Danford

Second Song (Sugarhouse Blues, #1)Second Song by Edie Danford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You ever want a book that tugs on your heart strings, makes you ugly cry and leaves you completely satisfied when you finish? This is the book!

Second Song is the story of a singer reclaiming his life and his passion and finding love. It's the story of a man who felt a debt was owed fulfilling that debt and maybe discovering there is a happily ever after for him despite not looking for it.

This is the story of various types of redemption and rebirth for three main characters - former singer Sage Hazen who survived an insane stalker when his bodyguard and friend did not. And the guilt of his surviving is as constant as the music he stills hears even though he can no longer sing.

The bodyguard's brother - Antonio - feeling guilty because he was serving in the military when his brother died - builds his brother's dream of a security agency while taking care of Marco's widow and twin boys. When the opportunity to protect the young man his brother died trying to save presents itself, Antonio figures it's a sign.

Shiloh Galaxy. Sage's best friend - needy, abused and neglected, with the voice of an angel and the family from hell.

Second Song is Shiloh's chance at a better life, Sage's chance to reclaim a part of himself and Antonio's chance to make peace with his past before moving towards his future. And maybe they'll all eventually get their happily ever afters.

The writing is amazing, the story that Edie weaves is magical and I cannot wait to read Shiloh's shot at love in the next book.

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Book Review: Sirens Heart - Dylan Rivers Chronicles #3 by Richard Amos

Siren's Heart (Dylan Rivers Chronicles #3)Siren's Heart by Richard Amos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. Just WOW!

So I have loved Richard Amos' books since I read the first Coldharbour Chronicles book and his storytelling just gets better and better.

In the 3rd installment of the Dylan Rivers arc, we finally see Dylan come into his own. He has embraced his destiny - and his men - but the Oil Barons are still out there and now the Council has declared war. Dylan must complete the tests put to him by the Water Spirits and find the strength to confront his past in the form of the mind mage, Darius and the beast Darius forced him to raise in Book 2.

With his friends and lovers at his side, Dylan must once more travel to the city that freezes and sing the song of stone. But at what price?

War with the Oil Barons is here and there will be casualties. Who will fall, who will rise?

Can't wait for Book 4 because, daaaayaaaaam.

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Book Review: Consorts of the Red King by Eden Winters

Consorts of the Red KingConsorts of the Red King by Eden Winters
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In a future where humans have colonized the cosmos, two rebels, Van Orskey and Tayn Kassik, fight against the ruthless and corrupt Federation by raiding, smuggling contraband and running clandestine missions for the rebel Coalition who is trying to break the Federation's hold on the galaxy with the help of a one of a kind space ship called the Cormorant.

But their activities haven't gone unnoticed and someone... or something is gunning for them. Tayn get's trapped in the ship's circuitry, his body destroyed, and Van is left to try and find a way to get a body for his brother-in-arms/best friend/ lover. Through complete happenstance they are sent on a mission to the planet Akiak, a planet of strategic importance to both sides in the fight for galactic dominance, where a coup has taken place.

Van rescues the rightful heir to the throne, Prince Jorvik, and Jorvik soon falls for both Van and Tayn. The two vow to help the prince reclaim his home as well as figure out who betrayed them and find a way for all of them to stay together.

This book was interesting and I enjoyed it. The plot was well thought out and the world building was interesting.

**I received a copy of this book from Lescourt Author Services for an honest and unbiased review**

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Book Review: The Witch's Blood - Ellwood Chronicles 3 by Michele Notaro

The Witch's Blood (The Ellwood Chronicles #3)The Witch's Blood by Michele Notaro
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay this book left me SHOOK!! In an amazingly good way but, dayam Michele Notaro... you cruel to leave a girl with a cliffhanger like the end of this book, just sayin'!

So this is the 3rd installment of the Ellwood Chronicles (well technically it's 3.5) and this series just keeps getting better and better.

In this book we get to learn more about Emrys and Julius, specifically the reason why Emrys did what he did in .5 and all the reasons behind the seal that was placed on his chest and.... dayaaaam. There are a few authors I read who love to torture their characters, Michele has just joined that group! I won't spoil the story but, O.M.F.G. We also get to see more of Sebastian and Ailin and all the kids as well as meet some new allies and a metric ton of new foes.

The story progression is well thought out, the shift from the first two books being Seb-Ailin centric to this book being Emrys-Julius makes perfect sense and ties in beautifully to the overarching plot that Michele is creating. The world building continues to be 'visually' stunning and we get more and more into the minds of the main characters. Also the heat factor between Jules and Em was like 11 out of 10. Muy Caliente!

I am loving this series and can't wait to see what the author does in the next book. Well I know what she's gonna do... make it hurt. But it's gonna hurt so good!

**Book provided for an honest and unbiased review by Lescourt Author Services**

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Book Review: Not Another Hero by Wendy Rathbone

Not Another HeroNot Another Hero by Wendy Rathbone
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I give this book a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars.

It was a fun, light-hearted romp through Space set in the sometime future when humans can travel between planets.

And it's a straight up (pardon the pun) porny book about space-style reality shows to the nth degree - or in this case the porn degree. The ship is manned by 'heroes' who are basically actors who have lots of sex and look pretty while the dull and boring 'scientific stuff' is done off camera. It was a way for the corporations to make money off of space exploration - think Love Island except on a space ship careening through the cosmos.

But - plot twist! - there may be a _real_ scientist on board masquerading as a hero.

This book was pure porny fluff and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A modern day Harlequin mashed with a cod-piece ripper and a touch of original Star Trek or 'Pigs in Space'... you remember that show from the muppets, don't you?

**Copy provided by Lescourt Author Services for an honest and unbiased review**

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Book Review: The Winter Quarters by Anna Veriani

The Winter QuartersThe Winter Quarters by Anna Veriani
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was lovely and sweet and a feel good romance that I really needed to read.

Kai Ledging is a reluctant reality tv star who really dislikes how fake his life is. TV cameras in his face all the time recording everything from his fake joy at being a reality start to his fake apartment to his fake fights to his OH SO FAKE boyfriend - who also happens to be a douche and straight. But the reality show is his mom's baby and he's never been able to say no to her, not when she sacrificed everything, moved from Japan to America and scraped her way up to her own fashion label and her own reality show all while being a single mother because his Caucasian dad did't want to leave Japan or his life there.

But he's so so tired of it all. So Kai escapes, loses his security detail and hops a plane to the one place that has always been 'home' to him. The Asada Inn in rural Japan, the place his best friend from childhood is running and set to inherit. Hiro Asada is one of the few 'real' people in Kai's life and he clings to his friendship and his friend's family as he tries to figure out just what he wants from his own life. Well other than Hiro because Hiro is straight and his best friend despite Kai still carrying a secret crush for his bestie.

Except Hiro isn't straight anymore. He's come out to his parents and extended family. His parents still expect him to marry a woman, however, because how could a man take up all the hostess duties of their traditional style Inn? So Kai and Hiro's grandmother cook up a scheme to help Hiro prove that two men can run the Inn as successfully as a man and a woman. And in the process Kai and Hiro find out that their relationship goals are a lot more in tune with each other than not.

Now if only Kai can figure out a way to break his contract and get out of reality tv so that he can have a _real_ life with the man he's loved forever.

I _adored_ this book. It was just the balm to my soul I needed. It was sweet and easy and a small glimpse into rural Japan I rarely get in books. It will easily become a go-to favorite whenever I need a feel good book to read. I cannot recommend this book enough.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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Book Review: The Marshal's PI by Este Holland

The Marshal's PI (Yours to Protect: Book Two)The Marshal's PI by Este Holland
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 out of 5 stars.

First time reader of this author and I enjoyed the book but would reccomend reading the first book in the series before reading this one.

Although this book can be read as a stand alone there were situations and already established characters in the book that muddled the story, as well as the fact that the two MCs had backstory that appeared in the first book.

I did find some of the scene transitions a little jumbled and there was a lot of awkward speeding forward of the plot just to get to the next bit so the story felt rushed in places. Other than that I really liked the characters and the plot line.

This is the 2nd book in the series and it resolves around PI James Kairo - Kai to his friends - and US Marshall Gannin West. West gets word from a mysterious agency that Kai is in trouble, having met him in the first book apparently. He goes haring off to Vegas to protect the man from this vague threat he's been told about and finds the PI has a hit out on him by a Vegas mob boss.

There's reference to Kai's twin brother, a hotshot in Homeland, who had been into drugs as a kid, got clean, and had an apparent relapse, a brother he hasn't seen or talked to in over a decade. There are photographs and they are used to blackmail Kai into being a messenger boy for mob, but it appears his usefulness is up.

Gannin arrives in the nick of time to help and the two men have to find a way to survive the hitman coming after Kai while dealing with Kai's reappearing brother, his family issues and a dleazy lawyer wanting to get into Kai's pants, all while falling for each other.

All-in-all an enjoyable read with an easy to follow plot, a little action, a little romance, and a happily ever after for the mcs.

**This book was provided by Lescourt Author Services for an honest and unbiased review.**

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Book Review: Crown of Iron & Silver - Soulbound 3 - by Hailey Turner

A Crown of Iron & Silver (Soulbound #3)A Crown of Iron & Silver by Hailey Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All roads lead back to the Dominion Sect, even the ones that follow the Hawthorne Path.

This series just keeps getting better and better, just like Hailey's writing! I am so hooked on her as a writer it isn't funny.

Where to begin... this book is EVERYTHING. It's Patrick and Jono, Wade eating his way through the adventure, Jono taking no crap from Estelle and Youssef, THE HELLRAISERS - FINALLY!, the fae, the Celtic Pantheon, Patrick being Patrick, NADINE IS BACK, and there are so many other things that happen. This book is literally a whirlwind ride into the heart of chaos and back out again... oh, did I mention Patrick and Jono visit Tír na nÓg? Oh yeah, that happens too!

In a continuation of the first two books, Patrick and Jono are once again pitted against the Dominion Sect, who are aided by certain factions of the Celtic Pantheon this time around. The Wild Hunt and the Sluagh prey on Manhattanites as Patrick tries to figure out where a changeling came from and the NYC God Pack steps up it's attacks on Jono and his pack, causing lines to finally be drawn.

Patrick's old unit, led by Captain Gerard Breckenridge, comes for a visit and to discuss the search for the Morrigan's staff, the task that General Noah Reed, Patrick's former CO, had tasked them all with. To make matters worse, the Dominion Sect has captured the Summer Lady, grand daughter of the Queen of the Seelie, and who also happens to be Gerard's fiancee even as Estelle and Youssef's god pack step up their harrying of Jono and his pack, crossing a line from invasive to potentially deadly. New York is a city under seige from both the Seelie and the Unseelie Wild Hunt, people are terrified, and it's up to Patrick and his pack to figure out why. Deals are made that will help solidify Jono's pack's status in New York, deals that intersect with Patrick's soul debt to the Gods.

Patrick, Jono, and their pack and allies must cross the Veil, and take on the Unseelie Court in order to rescue the Summer Lady and once again stop Ethan from trying to basically destroy the world in his quest to become a God.

So get ready to Deck the halls with Iron and Silver. Have a Holly Jolly Wild Hunt, I'm Dreaming of a Hellraisers Christmas... Patrick, Jono, and their pack are up to their eyeballs in it, yet again.

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