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Book Reiview - New Horizons by Hailey Turner

New Horizons (Metahuman Files: Classified #2)New Horizons by Hailey Turner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved taking a trip back to Hailey's Metaverse in this smoking hot novella.

Taking place after the last Metahuman's book, In the Requim, Alpha team is now disbanded - officially - and all it's members are in the MDF's reserves, scattered around the country.

Trevor Sanchez, the team's medic and telekinetic has gone to med school, on Jamie's dime, to learn how to be a doctor. He's fast tracking but with his military field medic experience and time spent in Alpha team, the slog isn't that hard. Late night classes though, can be a pain in the ass.

And then a code silver echoes through the teaching hospital where his classes take place. Code silver - a situation in the ER involving an armed assailant. Once a Marine, always a Marine, or so the saying goes. And it goes double when you're a former member of Alpha Team. So Trevor reacts, telekinesis ripping through the situation, a bunch of Sons of Adam members and a domestic situation culminating in Trevor finding himself looking into a pair of blue eyes and a boy next door face of a paramedic putting himself between the victim and the shooter.

Is it any surprise that Trevor falls hard for Brendan Kane? And when his interference makes him a target? Well with friends like Trevor has... it gets taken care of Alpha Team style.

Oh and there may be an inappropriate but exceedingly HOT use of telekinesis and a wall. Oh my!

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Book Review - Winter Blood by Richard Amos

Winter Blood (Coldharbour Chronicles #4)Winter Blood by Richard Amos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE this series? Each one is like, well, crack, I can't stop reading it until it's done and I'm left desperate for more.

In the fourth installment of this series our hero, Jake Winter, has finally given in to the attraction between him and Dean Tseng, his fey guardian. He carefully hopes that he's found a ray of happiness in the absolute cluster... ahem... that is Coldharbour, the city magically sealed away from the rest of the world and ground zero for the war with the Beast horde, with Dean. His heart may actually be healing, he may actually be getting over the murder of his husband. Jake may be the goddess's weapon but he's also human... kinda... if one discounts his lineage, but that's a whole different issue.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Beast Lolisian is still gunning for him and betrayal lurks around every corner, even amongst his guardians. The worst kind of betrayal, and one that might fracture Jake's team beyond repair.

I want to write more but this book NEEDS to be read. It was... mind blowing. Richard Amos's best book yet. This series seriously just keeps getting better and better.

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Book Review: Open Mind by Luna David and Morningstar Ashley

Open Mind (Kink Chronicles, #1)Open Mind by Luna David
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was hesitant to read this one, I'll admit it. While I do like the BDSM genre, there are a _lot_ of kinks out there and this book touched on some that I tend to shy away from. But I decided to give it a shot. I figured it was a way to expand my horizons, so to speak, and to support authors who tackle the so-called 'trigger' subjects. Don't even get me started on trigger warning. Ugh. But I digress.

I really enjoyed this book. The plot was really interesting and it sucked me in. There were no car chases or murders or catastrophic events, there were just two people falling in love and exploring their sexuality.

Jameson (Jamie) Gray is a nurse who has decided to settle down in Powell's Point. An openly gay man, he understands prejudice well and so when he takes a job for 'Dr. Kink', Ronan Kincaid, the doctor who built his practice around treating people from the BDSM community, he brings a genuine desire to have an open mind and be accepting of everything.

Things go along swimmingly, with Jamie loving his job and him and Ronan feeling a slow build up of attraction. But Jamie is vanilla and not into kink... until one fateful Friday night when he forgets his phone at the office and goes back to get it, only to stumble upon Dr. Kincaid in full Dr. Kink mode, conducting an after hours scene in his clinic with friends from the community. Jamie finds himself unable to stop watching and his attraction to Dr. Kincaid goes from slow burn to inferno.

The next week has Jamie acting strange around Ronan as he tries to figure out his nascent attraction to a lifestyle he never thought he'd enjoy. Apparently voyeurism is his kink. A week later Jamie once again spies on a scene, this time getting caught mid act. And Ronan calls him out, bringing their attraction and Jamie's curiosity to a head.

The rest of the book is Jamie's exploration of a world he never knew he needed to be part of, and the growing relationship between Jamie and Ronan. There are ups and downs, and some really, really, REALLY hot scenes, but at the end of day, this was a romance, just with a side order of kink to spice things up.

This is my first time reading Luna David and Morningstar Ashley and I will be reading more from them, including any sequels to this book.

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Book Review: Noble Hops by Layla Reyne (Trouble Brewing #3)

Noble Hops (Trouble Brewing, #3)Noble Hops by Layla Reyne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The final chapter of Trouble Brewing is everything I could have hoped for!

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for Layla Reyne's Agents Irish and Whiskey, and this spin off series with Dominic Price and Cameron Byrne. I kinda heart the whole universe she created as well as her writing prowess. The world she's created is believable, the people flawed and wonderful, the action almost as good as one of my beloved Marvel movies and her wordsmithing - concise and slick.

In the culmination of the three book arc, Dominic Price and Cameron Byrne have finally stopped hiding from everyone. They're living together and in love, working at building a life, when it all comes crashing down around them. The threat against Dominic comes to fruition. His father is dead and he's left to deal with the gangster who's been threatening everyone and everything he loves. And Nic isn't going down without a fight. But if there's one thing fighting Irish Cameron Byrne knows how to do, it's fight for those he loves, and he'll be damned if Nic is going this alone.

But will a ghost from Nic's past prove to be too much for Cameron and Nic to take? Will they be able to hold on to everything - and everyone - they hold dear? And when Cameron's specialized skill set of kidnap and rescue becomes needed, will Nic trust his lover to do what he's trained in while Nic does what he's meant to - defend the innocent against those intent on breaking the law?

This was everything I wanted in the final chapter of Nic and Cam's story and it definitely left me with the warm fuzzies. I can't wait to see what Layla comes up with next!

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Book Review: Kissing Booth by Pandora Pine

Kissing Booth (Valentine's Inc. #7)Kissing Booth by Pandora Pine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a lovely, funny, sweet Valentine's Day novella by Pandora Pine. I seriously heart this one! Get it? Heart it? Valentine's Day?

Pandora Pine takes us once more to Salem and her Cold Case Psychic series, but this time we get to meet Granger Galloway, lead reporter for Salem's Rainbow Gazette newspaper and the guy in charge of the annual Valentine's Bazaar - an annual fundraiser for the LGBTQ community in Salem. Last year Jude Byrne, the 'town trolly' had raised the most money ever in the bazaar's hottest attraction, it's Kissing Booth, and Granger is determined to beat that record this year except... Jude has bailed and Granger has tried to get _everyone_ to fill the booth, to no avail.

In a fit of desperation Granger clicks on an online ad for Valentine's Inc., an online 'dating' service for people needing a stand in or, in this case, a last minute rent-a-hunk to lock lips with the entire town. Of course, Granger had to put down what his fantasy man would be like since it was asking what he was looking for. Granger wasn't expecting to get his absolute fantasy man though and yet.... cupid was smiling down on him, or maybe cursing him.

Enter Lennox McArthur, a towering redwood, a bonny braw redheaded Scot complete with the kilt and the dreamy burr of an accent. Honestly, Lennox could have stepped off the cover of one of those Highland Romances, or out of the set of Outlander, he was just that perfect. And everybody in Massachusetts seems to think so as well. _Literally_ everyone in Massachusetts because people from all over the state are showing up for their turn at the Kissing Booth. Lennox doesn't just break Jude's record, he smashes it to smithereens with no hope of the man every reclaiming his title.

Of course Granger didn't expect he'd fall head over heels in love with his rent-a-date in the space of three days. Nor did he expect the green eyed monster to make him lose his mind at the number of people kissing HIS highlander. Now if only he has the courage to take his turn in the Kissing Booth's line and get the man of his dreams!

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Book Review: Sins of Omission by T.S.McKinney

Sins of OmissionSins of Omission by T.S. McKinney
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Grrr, Goodreads, I need half stars! This book is a solid 3.5 in my books

Pink... oh my, I have come to appreciate that colour in a whooooole new way thanks to this book! I admit, I've read this series out of order. I haven't read Sub Mission yet, but when I had the chance to read Sins of Omission I jumped at the chance, and I'm so glad I did. This book was a fun, kinky, luscious read!

Arizona was turning 20 in a few short days and what did he have to show for it? He was brainy, yes, already finished college and working in a really cool IT job for a really cool protection agency but he was still the same socially awkward loser that had lost the only man he'd ever loved by being too young. But 20 was gonna be his coming out party to himself - he was gonna go on a cruise, get laid and finally get over Eli Wallace!

Eli had fallen hard and fast for college student Ari, only to discover that he was younger than Eli had thought. MUCH younger. Seventeen years old to be exact. It hadn't stopped Eli from loving him but it had stopped him from doing anything else because there were some lines that Eli wouldn't cross. Instead he'd dropped out, packed up and left Ari in order to stop himself from crossing that line.

Three years later, Eli is back. Ari is turning 20 and Eli is ready to claim his man. And then someone tries to kidnap Ari... and Eli is assigned to protect Ari, who is having none of that! Ari tries to avoid Eli, going so far as to ditch one cruise for another one - a gay cruise - with a fake id and the whole nine yards. He fails. And during the cruise Eli and Ari take the first tentative steps towards a relationship. Eli makes Ari promise to be honest with him from now on but... doesn't follow his own rules.

Misunderstandings and broken hearts ensue, only to be mended during a rather kinky interlude in a BDSM club. But even as things are starting to look rosy, Ari's had 2 kidnapping attempts and there is still a threat out there... a Russian threat.

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Book Review: Nudging Fate by E.J. Russell

Nudging Fate (Enchanted Occasions, #1)Nudging Fate by E.J. Russell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was the cute fairy-tale m/m book that I didn't know I'd been wanting!

This first book in the Enchanted Occasions series is a wonderful start! The world that E.J. Russell builds is, as usual, exquisite. In a world - well worlds - where all the supernatural realms actually exist, and everything from Norse Gods to demons can roam the interstices - the place between worlds - anything can happen, including the somewhat frowned upon procreation with humans. These beings are called Aitchers, neither pure human nor pure blooded, and they tend to be looked down upon. But in a world where blood purity matters Enchanted Occasions Event Planners has made a name for themselves as being able to deliver the best event in any realm - Earth included.

Enter Anders Skuldsson, a half-Norn, who also happens to be male. The Norn are female, everyone knows that! Not so, poor Anders, or Andy as he prefers to be called, is the only half-norn male in existence and he's under strict orders from Odin himself not to meddle with Fate. Period. He also happens to have been specifically requested by the Queen of Faerie herself to oversee the mating competition of the one true prince of Faerie, and her only son - Prince Reyner. It's like an r-rated supernatural Bachelor competition where everything from dates to bedding can happen. The Prince has beings from across the worlds coming to compete for his hand in marriage and it's up to Andy to make sure things run smoothly.

Except catastrophe strikes thanks to a conniving elf and Andy is forced to play one of the suitors until the catastrophe has been averted. And then he meets Reyner and the prince is nothing like what his press and reputation make him out to be. And Andy finds himself falling for his client. Bad bad bad!

Conall of Odstone's is Prince Reyner's half brother and he has once again been suckered into impersonating his brother while Reyner enjoys his last few days of sweet freedom before his mother has him shackled - both magically and through marriage - to a mate he doesn't want. Not the first time he's played stand in for his half brother but this time... well he didn't expect to fall for one of the competitor's for his brother's hand.

This story has all the elements of A Midsummer Night's Dream and has humour, wit, and romance to boot. Thoroughly enjoyable and I'm off to read the 2nd book in the series!

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Book Review - Devouring Flame by E.J. Russell

Devouring Flame (Enchanted Occassions, #2)Devouring Flame by E.J. Russell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love EJ Russell. Her books are always such FUN! And this one is no different. In book 2 of the Enchanted Occasions series we get to learn more about half demon Smith and the ifrit, Hashim, of the Windrider clan, erstwhile suitor of Prince Reyner of Faerie.

One passion filled night during the prince's courtship contest and both Hashim and Smith fall head over heels for each other, although neither knows how the other feels. The problem is Hashim is a bound ifrit and he failed to do what his master wanted him to do - steal the soul of the prince. So Hashim is punished with servitude at the Twilight Carnival, a seedy little carnie located in the Vegas Interstices and is eventually sold to the Carnie master by his former master - made a slave for eternity to the Ringmaster.

Fate reunites Smith and Hashim as Enchanted Occasions rents out the carnival for a convention full of food-crazed vampires on the one day out of the century they can consume something other than blood. Smith and Hashim stumble across a sinister set of accidents that have taken place in the carnival, and find out the Ringmaster has been playing fast and loose with the lives of those unfortunates who were indentured to him, lining his pockets with gold by selling both the lives and the deaths of those he owned.

Working together, Smith and Hashim fight to bring down the Ringmaster and free Hashim from his slavery by finding the ifrit his true name. All while dealing with a convention of crazy vampires with weird fetishes, a goblin berserker chef on the verge of going beserk, and trying not to destroy the interstices but overload it just enough to liberate all the unfortunate souls trapped there. And maybe, just maybe, get a happy ending of their own.

This was a brilliantly written book, and a great sequel to Nudging Fate. Definitely recommend!

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Book Review: How Not to Blend by Susan Hawke

How Not to Blend (Lovestrong #1)How Not to Blend by Susan Hawke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, I loved this little gem of a book! It was just what I needed to distract, make me laugh, and make me fall a little in love with some amazingly well written characters and fantastic plot.

Andy Ferguson is a sassy Southerner with a penchant for wearing make-up and lip gloss, throwing shade, serving tea and managing a coffee cart, all while taking care of his Gam-Gams and her helldog Jeebus. Oh and crushing on Dr. Hottie who comes to his cart every day he works at the hospital where Andy's cart is located. And when he's not daydreaming about the hottie or taking care of Gam, Andy's letting his other side - Miss Kandi - out to strut her fierce self on the stage to the strains of the Goddess Miss Britney every Thursday night at St. Nick's Club.

Dr. Corbin Davis, aka Dr. Hottie, is a busy doctor struggling to do his best at being a single parent to a teenaged son, who has a bad case of tunnel vision - or is it just complacency? His life is 'comfortable' and he's adjusted to his wife's death, he's content. But then his son, Grayson, starts getting bullied at school, getting into fights and shutting Corbin out. And what the heck is Enby, anyways and why has Gray not told him about the bullying and the fact that he's non-binary?

Corbin's bestie, Dana, has a brother in law called Nick who runs a drag club. Drag is kinda like non-binary right? Hatching a not so well thought out plan, Corbin goes to the club one Thursday night, hoping to talk to a Queen and come up with a way to break the ice with his son. Maybe being able to talk about make up or, who knows, coming out a bi might help Gray trust Corbin enough to talk to him. Either way, Corbin goes to Nick's and nearly swallows his tongue as Ms. Kandi comes on stage to perform 'Hit Me Baby One More Time.' The arousal that hits him straight in the groin has him flummoxed and then Ms. Kandi comes over to pay her regards and... rattles off his coffee order.

Andy, or Ms. Kandi, can't believe her Dr. Hottie is in her club, watching her perform, and when Nick motions her over to hear Dr. Hottie's plight? Well butter her biscuit if lady luck isn't smiling on her. Andy has his own issue - Gam Gams wants him dating and he sorta kinda told a little white fib that he was seeing someone. So, after hearing Corbin's plight, a crazy solution presents itself. Fake boyfriends!

Andy would help break the ice between Corbin and Gray, get them talking about things, and Corbin would pose as his beau, making his Gam Gams lay off on the whole 'find yourself a good man' thing. Except Andy _fits_ with Corbin and Gray, and their besties Dana and Becca (mother and daughter). And Corbin is laughing again, his life isn't just existing anymore, there's excitement and passion and yes, real emotional attraction.

The course of fake love never runs smoothly and a series of mishaps, combined with self-doubt and fear turn everyone and everything on it's head. But, like the South, true love will rise again. Along with an epic scene that totally updates that classic John Cussak scene from Say Anything - y'all know the one I'm talking about.

This book is sooo worth a read. Seriously. Can't wait for book 2!

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Book Review - Shadowing the Light by Miranda Turner

Shadowing the Light (The Bearer of Truth #1)Shadowing the Light by Miranda Turner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a truly impressive first novel. Well done, Miranda Turner.

Warning, this book does have a cliffhanger ending. There is no HFN in this, just a 'to be continued'. This didn't bother me at all as I really enjoy book series that build on one another, but for some readers, this may be a problem without a warning, so consider yourself warned.

The world building was phenomenal, the characters were captivating and the plot was intriguing. She had a good mix of villains, hero's and anti-heroes to keep things complex and keep the reader invested.

In a world where angels, demons and all sorts of supernatural being exist, the main character - Gabriel Sinclair - is not only an aberration, he's an abomination. The child of an Angelus and a Daemon, he should not exist because Angelii and Daemons are forbidden to mate. And yet he does.

Hated and feared by both sides of his nature, he is hunted but the Bellators - warriors of the light - and Tenebrix - warriors of the dark. Both sides seek to destroy him and yet the most powerful of all of the Creator's children - Michael - has helped raise and train Gabriel along with a defected Daemon called Barrabas. In fact, Gabriel calls them both 'uncle'.

In this world, these supernatural beings have a sodalis vitae - a soul mate - and Gabriel's happens to be Evander - leader of the _best_ Bellator team in the biz. Oh and Evander's tried to kill Gabriel a time or two, despite knowing that Gabriel was his mate. Talk about a doomed relationship. But Michael and Barrabas have a mission for the Bellator team and in order to accomplish it, they need to work with Gabriel. Find Gabriel's parents and prevent the end of the world.

The Bellators will have to get over their prejudices and ignorance of how the world really is, stop seeing it in black and white, and stop trying to kill Gabriel. And Gabriel will have to learn how to trust the Bellators to have his back in a fight rather than trying to stab him in it.

But Gabriel's half daemon side is rearing it's ugly head... and it's less than pleased that Evander is less than on board with the whole mate thing. Add to it, someone or something is gunning for Gabriel, hunting those he's helped, and basically trying to make Gabriel's life a living nightmare.

Will these disparate beings learn to trust and perhaps even like each other? Will Gabriel's darkling half win the fight for his soul? Will Evander get his head out of his... posterior and realize what a good thing he has with Gabriel?

Read and find out.

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Book Review: Not Dead Yet by Jenn Burke

Not Dead YetNot Dead Yet by Jenn Burke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really interesting story and one where I know the city it's located in! Love that this was set in Toronto, just sayin'.

Wes Cooper is a 'retrieval specialist' who is dead, but not really. He died over seventy years ago but a well meaning and guilt ridden witch brought him back, except not all the way. Now he's a 'not-ghost'. Someone trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead. He can be corporeal one minute and slip into the 'otherplane' the next. He's taken his unique ability to be incorporeal and built a business out of it. Wes goes into houses and retrieves items, returning them to their rightful owners for a small finders fee.

Except this last job went south so fast... he witnessed a murder of a famous actress, and the murderer 'saw' him when he was in the otherplane. What the <#$*? Now Wes needs help, and he turns to ex-boyfriend, Detective Hudson Rojas, the guy who broke his not quite dead heart over a decade ago. And time has been goooood to Hud, giving him the hot silver fox look and making Wes's heart beat double time yet again. But that relationship is over, dead and buried, right?

Working together to solve the murder reveals that maybe, just maybe, things aren't as over as Wes would like. And then there's the fact that Wes, himself, seems to play a major role in the investigation as weird things happen to him time and time again. And what is up with the secret Hudson is trying so hard to keep from Wes? Will Wes actually survive this adventure to see, maybe, if he and Hud have a happily ever after?

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Book Review - A Christmas Situation by H.L. Day

A Christmas Situation (Temporary #1.5)A Christmas Situation by H.L. Day
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Christmas Novella from H.L. Day featuring Dom and Tristan.

Dom and Tristan have been living together for almost a year now. In fact, the anniversary of the first time they'd slept together, aka the start of their relationship, is fast approaching. And Tristan is out of control. His zany antics and horrific decorating style has Christmas vomiting in their apartment, traumatizing Dom, and he's up to something. Okay Dom has some trust issues - a lot of trust issues - but Tristan is DEFINITELY up to something... the question is will Dom and will their relationship survive? Will the company survive yet another Christmas party? Will there be spiders lurking?

This was a cute, snarky, drunken romp of a Christmas Novella and made me realize just how much I love Dom and Tristan. They are just so. Darned. CUTE together.

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Book Review - A Temporary Situation by H.L. Day

A Temporary Situation (Temporary #1)A Temporary Situation by H.L. Day
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An enemies to lovers story that is delightfully snarky and fun!

Personal Assistant Dominic despises the CEO of the company he works for, Tristan Maxwell. The man is arrogant and self-entitled and sees the people who do all the work in his company as 'minions'. Just because he is drop dead gorgeous and knows it, doesn't mean that Dominic is gonna fall at his feet and worship, like so many others. Luckily Dom has little to no contact with the jerk of a CEO, except to maybe let elevator doors shut in his face as Dom scowls.

Too bad Dom's luck runs out when Mr. Maxwell's PA is rushed to hospital with a ruptured appendix and he asks Dom's boss (orders Dom's boss) to hand over his PA in the interim. Great. Peachy. Dom's life is ruined... or he could do his darnedest to make Maxwell hate him back so he could go back to working for his nice boss and ignoring the CEO.

Despite his best efforts to despise the man, Dom grudgingly grows to respect, tolerate, and even like his new boss (not to mention lust after him but he's not mentioning that part). And Tristan seems to like him too, but just not _that_ way, coz Tristan is engaged to a woman... until he isn't and he's set his sites on wooing and winning the snarky Dom.

This was a fun and entertaining read. I loved Dom's snark, Tristan's fear of that creature that shall not be named, and the way these two played off each other. Can't wait for more from this author!

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Book Review: Hunter's Curse by Pandora Pine

Hunter's Curse (A Cold Case Psychic Spin Off, #5)Hunter's Curse by Pandora Pine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I'm a little late to the Pandora Pine party as this is the first book of hers that I've read. Wheee, this was a roller coaster ride of fun, action and hot man sex. I have to say I was most impressed with her writing style and the world she's created. The characters are gorgeous too.

This book starts in the 418 AD. Demon slayer Hunter Conroy is caught in a trap of evil warlock Osian. The choice he was given, join Osian and kill his own family and other demon slayers like him, or be cursed to spend eternity as a stone gargoyle for ninety years of ever one hundred and then a brief ten year reprieve before the choice was offered again. Hunter, of course, declined. And then spent the next six centuries watching the world change through the unblinking eyes of his gargoyle save for those ten tiny years of freedom granted as reminder that he'd spend the next ninety in stone.

In 2010 Hunter came out of his gargoyle to find himself in Salem, Massachusetts. He'd made a quiet life for himself but had somehow found himself pulled into the community's more supernatural side despite trying to lie low. And then he meets Doctor Walker Harmon. And for the first time in centuries Hunter has someone to fight for, someone to stay for. But his curse is coming due and Osian will turn him back into a gargoyle, possibly forever this time around. But Salem protects its own and the community of witches, psychics, vampires and magic users band around Hunter and Walker, determined to break the evil warlock's curse and give the couple the happily ever after they deserve... but are they enough to stop a centuries old warlock who has a fallen angel on his side?

Read the book and find out!

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Book Review: A Deceptive Alliance by Sydney Blackburn

A Deceptive AllianceA Deceptive Alliance by Sydney Blackburn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was pleasantly surprised by this book by Sydney Blackburn. It was a lovely mix of m/m romance, fantasy, and action.

Kel, Lord Lindere, and his twin sister, the lady Isabel, are wards of their uncle, the king of Karleed. Fraternal twins, they look far too similar and have traded places often, so Isabel could taste the freedom of being 'male' and so that Kel could flirt with handsome men at balls. They were as close as could be, but had always known they would have to make advantageous 'state' matches. So when Isabel is betrothed to Darin, Prince of Pervayne, third son of the ruler, she seemed resigned... until she wasn't and ran away to avoid the marriage.

Kel has no choice but to impersonate his sister until his cousin, the crown prince, locates his errant sibiling. So he dresses in her wedding dress, says her vows in the proxy wedding, and then heads off with the entourage to meet 'her' new husband. The plan is that Kel will play Isabel, his cousin will look for his sister and then race to meet the slow moving caravan so that Kel and Isabel can trade places in the dead of the night with no one the wiser. Except we wouldn't have a story if that happened.

So Kel is forced to spend weeks impersonating his sister and during the voyage falls hopelessly for the servant that Prince Darin has sent to protect his princess. At least the voluminous skirts he's forced to wear as part of his disguise cover Kel's reaction to the servant. But where the heck is his sister, and will he escape this debacle with his heart still in tact?

But what if the servant known as Dare was more than meets the eye? And what if Kel didn't have to hide behind Isabel's skirts and makeup... what would happen then?

This was a lovely, happy read that left me with all the happy feelz. I definitely recommend this book.

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Book Review - Shifting Shadows by Michelle Frost

Shifting Shadows (Metal and Magic #1)Shifting Shadows by Michelle Frost
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very intriguing start to this new M/M series by Michelle Frost.

It's a world reinvented where the supernatural came out of the closet and humans clawed back some semblance of order but where there are still great swaths of the country are still controlled by supernatural elements, including the center of the country which is now known as The Between.

Deckard Warren is the chief enforcer for the Ironheld Wolves, and they guard their territory, humans and supernats alike, fiercely. One night on patrol along the border of their territory a terrified young man stumbles across the line into their area. The young man is without a doubt Deck's mate. But he doesn't remember anything beyond jumping into Deck's arms and every time he does try to remember a black cloud of panic descends. Deck calls him Colt.

As Colt and Deck try to solve the mystery of his past, Deckard brings Colt more and more into his family, his pack. But there are elements raging against them. Some wolves look down on humans as inferior and right now there's a human leading the pack - Deck's brother in law, Gavin. His sister, Isobel, had been alpha but she'd been killed a year ago and Deck was still full of rage and grief over it. And now he has to contend with the fact that once his mate regains his memories he may lose Colt too.

And there is something dark and evil lurking in Colt's past. But what will it mean for Deckard and the Ironheld Wolves?

The world that Michelle is building is amazing. Her writing is clean and crisp and draws you in. I'm really looking forward to book 2.

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